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‘Postcards’: A Journey Through Love and Identity

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Directed by: Hamisha Daryani Ahuja
Produced by: Hamisha Daryani Ahuja
Genre: Drama
Released on: 3 May, 2024 (Neflix)
Language: English/Hindu

Postcards, the latest series from the director of Namaste Wahala, takes viewers on a cultural exploration set in Mumbai, offering a blend of Nigerian and Indian perspectives. We’re going to give a brief rundown of each episode so you can skip past that if you do not want any spoiler


In this episodic adventure, we follow four Nigerians navigating life’s challenges and joys in the vibrant city of Mumbai. From health crises to career aspirations, each character embarks on a personal journey of self-discovery and acceptance. This is a typical plot with multiple characters, different lives, and one connecting thread. Sola Sobowale’s, Aunty Bunmi, who ties the whole story together is the life of the party with the best intentions but she is completely alone with a distant brother, played by Richard Mofe-Damijo, and a son, played by Tobi Bakre, who never returns her calls.

Episode 1

Introduces Aunty Bunmi, a Lagos socialite, and her son Yemi, who has dreams of becoming a dancer. Aunty Bunmi’s health issues prompt a trip to India for surgery, while Yemi seizes an opportunity to dance in a Bollywood film.

Episode 2

Yemi’s expectations clash with reality upon arrival in Mumbai. Meanwhile, Aunty Bunmi’s brother Olumide, a successful businessman, enters the picture. We also meet Siddhart (Rajniesh Duggall), Aunty Bunmi’s doctor, and his wife Zainab (Rahama Sadau), who start having issues over their plans for children.

Episode 3

Olumide encounters someone from his past, while conflicts escalate between Zainab and Siddharth. Zainab confides in her friend Isioma (Nancy Isime) and Bolu (Ibrahim Suleiman) urges Yemi to contact his mum who has been trying to see him.

Episode 4

Struggles intensify for Zainab and Siddharth, and Aunty Bunmi faces emotional turmoil upon learning she needs surgery and not being able to reach Yemi. Yemi faces job insecurity, after a confrontation with Ronny.

Episode 5

Zainab attempts to confront Kareena, leading to an unexpected reconciliation with Siddharth. Yemi’s career turns positive, while Olumide grapples with personal revelations.

Episode 6

Everything comes to a head at Olumide’s 60th birthday, where connections deepen, and secrets come to light. Yemi’s revelation surprises Aunty Bunmi, while Zainab finally tells Siddharth she’s pregnant.


We like the diverse ensemble cast and they all deliver commendable performances, with Sola Sobowale, Rahama Sadau, and Rajniesh Duggall standing out. Their portrayal adds depth and authenticity to the storyline.


While Postcards skillfully intertwines multiple plotlines, the story remains relatively straightforward, lacking standout elements aside from its fusion of Nigerian and Indian cultures. This cultural amalgamation provides a fresh and intriguing perspective, enriching the narrative with rich insights into the shared experiences and differences between the two cultures.

Technical Aspects

Postcards captivate with its visually stunning cinematography, boasting vibrant colours and skillful lighting that draw viewers into the heart of its narrative. Despite minor continuity issues, the series maintains a high standard in cinematography, delivering visually striking and emotionally resonant scenes. Additionally, the music enriches the viewing experience.

Final Thoughts

The series demonstrates significant improvements from Namaste Wahala while retaining the director’s signature simplicity in storytelling. However, the conclusive nature of the finale leaves us uncertain about the possibility of a second season.


Postcards offer an entertaining and culturally enriching viewing experience. With its straightforward storyline, stunning visuals, and strong performances, it earns a solid 3 out of 5 rating.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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