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“One Too Many”: An Emotional and Relatable Movie 

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one too many

One Too Many

Directed by: Kayode Kasum
Written by: Atinuke Akinde, Jennine Okafor, Lillia Oziokor
Genre: Drama
Released on: 23rd February, 2024 (Netflix)
Language: English

This movie delivers an emotional punch that highlights the evil in the Nigerian police.

One Too Many is a 2022 movie directed by Kayode Kasum and starring Chimezie Imo, Dakore Egbuson, Tope Tedela, Omowunmi Dada, Jide Kosoko, and many others. It was just released on Netflix in February. It was also part of AFRIFF 2022 selection.


One Too Many follows a young man, Otas (Chimezie Imo), who was arrested by the Nigerian police for killing his best friend on their way to NYSC camp. The whole movie centers around his murder trial and his mother, Dakore Egbuson (Adesuwa), seeking justice for her son. It also casts a shadow on his mother, who was brutally raped by policemen. Was the conflict solved too easily? Maybe, but that can easily be overlooked.


The movie should come with trigger warnings. It speaks about a central issue: police brutality in Nigeria. It paints the Nigerian police as a group of corrupt and morally bankrupt criminals who care nothing for justice and resort to violence without provocation.

Any Nigerian who has had any dealings with their policemen will tell you that’s the case. You’ll feel so triggered watching the police scenes especially if you consider how Nigerian youth protested against police brutality just to be brutalized and killed during the End Sars movement.

Also, Ota was born from rape, and Ota’s mother, Adesuwa talking about how she was raped and how her family reacted to their golden girl getting pregnant was especially triggering.


The story shares a thematic structure with Netflix’s highest-grossing movie, “Black Book,”  but fails to deliver excellent cinematography and top-notch video quality. It looked like a 2005 movie because of the low and dull motion pictures. A good portion of the movie was shot in the University of Ibadan, as an alumnus, it was nice to see. The set and costume design were okay.


Stellar performances from everyone. Chiemezie delivered his role masterfully, it was a passionate role, and we felt it. Adesuwa had me crying many times; her monologues were excellently delivered, and perhaps we have the writers of the movie to thank. Seeing the late Racheal Oniga acting as a judge was also nice. May her soul rest in peace.


The writers were able to present the monologues believably. They captured the emotions perfectly. It was a beautifully well-written movie that sheds light on real societal issues and captures the audience as they solve the murder and unravel the truth together with Adesuwa.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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