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‘Skinny Girl in Transit’ Returns: A Triumph or a Letdown?

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Ndani TV’s much-loved series, Skinny Girl in Transit, makes a comeback after a long hiatus of three years, much to the delight of fans who had almost lost hope. For those who’ve been longing for the show’s comeback, your patience is rewarded. But be warned: spoilers lie ahead for those yet to catch up on the latest episodes!

Diving into the first two episodes of the Skinny Girl in Transit 7 :

Episode One

This episode welcomes us with a heartwarming scene at the naming ceremony of Tiwa and Mide’s son, setting a beautiful stage for the reunion with beloved characters and the introduction of new faces. The spotlight shines on Shalewa as she navigates her healing journey in therapy, stemming from past entanglements with Mohammed and Kwame. The plot thickens with Mohammed’s attempt to rekindle his connection with Shalewa, culminating in a cliffhanger that teases a possible proposal. A standout moment features Derin playfully thwarting Mide’s eager departure from work, a delightful scene that reconnects us with the series’ charm.

Episode Two

Picking up from the suspenseful ending of the previous episode, the anticipated proposal turns out to be a promise ring from Mohammed to Shalewa. The episode gracefully explores themes of commitment and understanding, particularly through Didi and Editi’s family negotiations over their wedding plans. Shalewa’s candid conversation with Tiwa about her therapy sessions and Mide’s protective response highlights the strength of familial bonds. The comedic attempt of Mummy Tiwa and Wosi to navigate a waist trainer serves as the episode’s comedic highlight, bringing laughter and lightness.

Acting and Production

The break seems to have been a boon, allowing for noticeable enhancements in acting quality. Sharon Ooja’s portrayal of Shalewa is compelling, depicting her character’s struggles with depth and authenticity. The chemistry between Abimbola Craig’s Tiwa and Ayoola Ayolola’s Mide is more palpable than ever, enriching their on-screen relationship. Bisola Aiyeola adds complexity to Didi, showcasing her character’s growth and depth. The technical quality remains high, with meticulous attention to lighting and setting that accentuates the emotional tone of each scene, from the cozy intimacy of home settings to the vibrant energy of urban Lagos.

Final Thoughts

The enduring love between Mide and Tiwa, along with the dynamics within Tiwa’s family, continues to captivate. The evolution of Didi and Editi’s relationship is a testament to the show’s ability to weave growth and understanding through its narratives. While the comedic elements remain a staple, the current storyline surrounding Shalewa and Mohammed leaves room for debate on its impact on Shalewa’s journey to healing.


For dedicated followers of “Skinny Girl in Transit,” this season’s opening episodes offer a mix of familiar warmth and new developments. However, the initial pacing might not match the vibrancy of previous seasons, leaving some longing for more. We’re hopeful for an uptick in momentum in the episodes to come. Our rating for these episodes stands at a 6 out of 10, if you have a different opinion let’s hear it in the comments.

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