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‘Skinny Girl in Transit’: Episodes 7 and 8 Disappoint

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We’ve reached episodes 7 and 8 in “Skinny Girl in Transit” Season 7, and our excitement has dimmed. We hoped for a turnaround, but we’re throwing in the towel now. Spoiler alert for those who’d rather watch first – you should stop here.

Episode 7 Recap

Dewunmi accepts Derin’s proposal, with conditions, while Mide and Tiwa consider the idea of moving. This episode takes us into Aunty Dupe’s living room, where the introduction of Charles (Tony Umez) and his daughter, Jess, complicates her relationship with her son, Ayo.

Elsewhere, Derin and Dewunmi’s trip to a shooting range and the ongoing development of Shalewa and Elijah’s relationship unfold.  However, the standout moment was Jess’s cutting comeback to Ayo’s prying.

Episode 8 Recap

The episode begins with Didi attempting to patch things up with Ene, alongside Elijah’s sweet gesture to Shalewa. Meanwhile, Charles’s unsuccessful efforts to connect with Ayo lead to the end of his romance with Aunty Dupe. 

The standout moment for us comes when Derin faces the truth about not being prepared for motherhood, underscored by her challenges in looking after her nephew, Tide.

Final Thoughts

This season’s depiction of Wosi leaves much to be desired; her storyline seems scattered, and her behaviour is puzzling. Also, something about the interaction between Shalewa and Elijah doesn’t feel genuine—whether it’s due to the acting or the characters themselves is hard to pinpoint.


As the season edges closer to its conclusion without significant narrative progress or memorable moments, it’s challenging to remain invested. The latest episodes fail to recapture the original charm and humour that defined “Skinny Girl in Transit,” resulting in a viewing experience that feels both rushed and lackluster. Unfortunately, we’re giving these episodes a 4 out of 10.

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