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‘Skinny Girl In Transit’: Why Episodes 5 & 6 Fall Flat

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We dove into the newest episodes of Skinny Girl in Transit, and sadly, our enthusiasm hasn’t sparked up. The unfolding of Shalewa’s storyline leaves much to be desired, and the Mide and Tiwa narrative seems to lurk in the background, much like before.

Read on if you don’t care about spoilers. Also, if you missed our previous review, check it out here. First-time reader? Be sure to check out other reviewed episodes here.

Episode 5 Recap

This episode starts on a funny note, with Didi and Editi resorting to lies upon an unexpected visit from Editi’s uncle. Derin eyes Dewumi, portrayed by Kunle Remi, as a potential sperm donor. Yet, the episode meanders without a standout moment to cling to.

Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins with Mummy Tiwa’s lackluster attempts at playing cupid for Shalewa and Elijah. Derin’s proposition to Dewumi about becoming her sperm donor takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Shalewa declines Elijah’s offer to hang out, and Aunty Dupe introduces her son, Ayo, to her new partner. Much like the previous episode, nothing stands out.

Final Thoughts

It’s refreshing to see Shalewa stepping out of her gloom, choosing self-reflection over rushing into another romance. However, Editi’s uncle’s interference in his and Didi’s cohabitation feels misplaced, not to mention the fact that the uncle looks about the same age as Editi.


Skinny Girl in Transit tries to juggle multiple story arcs, but without a unifying thread, it feels disjointed. The brief runtime of each episode doesn’t allow these narratives the depth they need. Similar to the earlier seasons’ focus on Tiwa and Mide, a central storyline could have lent some much-needed cohesion. Regrettably, we’re rating these episodes a 4 out of 10, we could have done without a new season. Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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