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‘Skinny Girl In Transit’ Episodes 3-4: A Shift in the Spotlight

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NdaniTV has rolled out the next two episodes of “Skinny Girl in Transit,” this time, there’s a noticeable change in direction. Previously, Mide and Tiwa were at the heart of the story, but now it seems Mohammed and Shalewa are stepping into the limelight. If you’re okay with spoilers, stick around! (And don’t forget to check out our thoughts on the first two episodes if you haven’t yet.)

Episode 3 Recap

This episode of Skinny Girl in Transit dives right back into the drama, with Shalewa feeling out of place and unwelcome at a family event with Mohammed. His family might not ever accept her, leaving her devastated. Meanwhile, Didi and Tiwa have a heart-to-heart at the spa, confirming our suspicions that Didi isn’t too keen on kids. Mide opens up to Tiwa about a woman he will be working with named Grace, sparking jealousy. The episode closes with Mohammed choosing Shalewa over his family, a decision that ironically leads to their breakup. The highlight? Aunty Dupe reveals that she has a man named Mummy Tiwa.

Episode 4 Recap

Shalewa seeks comfort from Tiwa after her breakup, while Didi moves in with Editi. The breakup’s aftermath takes its toll on Shalewa, leading her to quit her job to avoid Mohammed. Tiwa’s appearance at Mide’s meeting with Grace meant to “mark her territory,” injects a dose of drama. In a lighter moment, a public strip tease by one of Derin’s potential baby fathers adds some humour. Didi comes clean to Editi about not wanting children.


Chioma Okoli as Wosi does a decent job, but we’re hoping for more growth from her character. The performances of Angel and Prince Unigwe as Ene and Toyo, Editi’s children, are enjoyable, albeit brief. The season also benefits from the addition of seasoned actors like Tony Umez, Tana Adelana, and Kunle Remi.

Final Thoughts

It’s refreshing to see Shalewa’s storyline with Mohammed finding closure, as her constant sadness was a departure from the show’s usual upbeat tone. However, the Tiwa and Mide plot feels underdeveloped. Didi’s storyline, focusing on her reluctance to be around kids, feels inconsistent, especially given her rapport with Editi’s children. The comedic elements, particularly from Wosi and their mother, feel stale this season.


These episodes might not win over those who aren’t already fans of “Skinny Girl in Transit.” We’re holding out hope for a change in the coming episodes but for now, these get a 5 out of 10 from us. Agree or disagree? Drop your thoughts below.

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