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“L.I.F.E”: Is This Body-Switch Drama Worth Your Time?

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Directed by: Uyoyou Adia 
Written by: Judith Audu
Genre: Mystery
Released on: February 15, 2024 (Prime Video)
Language: English

Heading into this film, our expectations were high, given the stellar line-up featuring Omowumi Dada and Efe Irele, alongside director Uyoyou Adia who tends to think outside the box. Yet, despite these promising elements, L.I.F.E left us wanting more.


The film treads the familiar path of body-switch stories, focusing on the intertwined fates of two women caught in an unexpected life swap. Although the body-switch trope isn’t new, it’s rare in Nollywood, presenting a unique opportunity that the film, regrettably, doesn’t fully explore.


The portrayal of the switch between Omowumi Dada’s Ema and Efe Irele’s Yinka felt lackluster, failing to convince us of a genuine transformation. It appeared as though both actors remained anchored in their original characters post-switch. While Eso Dike appears to rehash his typical roles, Tope Olowoniyan’s portrayal of Kevwe stood out. Despite these criticisms, we acknowledge the effort of the cast within the constraints of the script.


The narrative’s buildup to the body switch felt tediously prolonged, with the actual event arriving too late and resolving too quickly to leave any meaningful impact. The characters’ boring reactions and slow response to their situation were felt disjointed. The fleeting nature of the swap, lacking in depth or significant life lessons, underscored a missed opportunity to delve into the rich emotional potential the genre offers.

Technical Aspects

Visually, L.I.F.E aligns with the polished aesthetic typical of Nollywood productions, though it’s marred by minor yet noticeable lapses in editing, such as a message received by Ema which was addressed to Yinka.

Final Thoughts

While the film aspires to convey a meaningful message about life and contentment, it falls short in execution. The drawn-out anticipation for the body switch and its lackluster enactment left us disengaged, with the film’s climax feeling unearned. Additionally, the integration of dance, intended as a key plot element, failed to impress.


There are numerous body-switch movies with a set formula, that this one just failed to use. We’d love to hear your opinions if you’ve seen it.

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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