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“Hotel Labamba”: A Murder-Mystery Best Left Unsolved

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Hotel Labamba

Directed by: Biodun Stephen
Written by: Frances Okeke
Genre: Comedy/Murder-Mystery
Released on: 28th July, 2023 (Cinema) | February 15, 2024 (Prime Video)
Language: English and Yoruba

We’ll start by acknowledging our general admiration for Biodun Stephen’s creations, but sadly, “Hotel Labamba” falls short of expectations. This is one piece in her filmography you might want to skip, and we’ll tread lightly around spoilers as we share our thoughts.


Set against the backdrop of a hotel hosting an eclectic mix of guests, the story thickens when one of them is found dead. The race to uncover the murderer ensues, with the police aiming to solve the case discreetly and swiftly. However, the mystery unravels with little surprise, as the culprit becomes apparent before the climax.


The characters don’t feel real, they’re either over-the-top or not interesting. Bimbo Ademoye, portraying Detective Zizi, fell short of expectations. Adedimeji Lateef’s portrayal of Big Berry bordered on tedious, and Sir Dee’s role as Halil lacked authenticity. The ensemble failed to stand out, with the comedic efforts feeling all too familiar and lackluster.


The story struggles to maintain interest, with the attempted humour clashing awkwardly against the murder mystery backdrop. The supposed twists failed to deliver any genuine surprise. Moreover, the film’s subplots, which are crucial to a compelling whodunnit, were weak and uninspiring. A seemingly random subplot involving Detective Zizi felt out of place and unnecessary.

Technical Aspects

The film’s bright and lively lighting seemed at odds with its murder mystery genre, aligning more with the typical Nollywood comedy vibe. Without prior knowledge of the film’s intended genre, one might easily mistake it for another comedic ensemble.

Final Thoughts

“Hotel Labamba” had the potential to be a memorable addition to the murder mystery genre but was let down by its execution. A successful whodunnit should captivate and suspensefully lead its audience through the narrative, a feat this film did not achieve.


This attempt at a murder mystery was largely disappointing,If you’ve yet to watch it, rest assured, that you’re not missing out. We’re eager to hear your thoughts for those who have seen it.

Rating: 1.5/5

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.
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