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Water and Garri: See Tiwa Savage in The Official Trailer

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Prime Video has released the official trailer for Water and Garri.

The film follows Aisha (Tiwa Savage), an ambitious fashion designer who returns home after a decade of working in the elite fashion industry in the US. Aisha finds herself returning to a home drastically changed by time and chance. As she reconnects with family, old friends, and her past love, she must learn to live with her scars and confront the guilt she left behind.

Water and Garri is directed by Meji Alabi, produced by Jimi Adesanya, co-produced by Everything Savage, Unbound Studios, and JM Films and written by Comfort Emmanuel, with music by Tiwa Savage. 

Alongside Tiwa Savage, the drama also stars Mike Afolarin (“Far From Home”), Andrew Bunting (“Dynamite”), and Jemima Osunde (“New Money”).

Water and Garri arrives on Prime Video May 10.

See the trailer here!

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  1. […] Water and Garri follows Aisha (Tiwa Savage), who reluctantly returns to her hometown a decade after her brother’s passing upon learning of her cousin’s demise. The premise tells us that the town has a gang issue but the credibility of this is only supported by the emphasis placed on this aspect by characters within the film. […]

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