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‘Bank Alert’: A Hilarious Misadventure in Money Matters

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Bank alert

Okey Bakassi’s ‘Bank Alert’, released in cinemas in November 2023, recently premiered on Prime Video. We. watched it and we have thoughts. Let’s talk about it. There might be a few spoilers ahead so if you don’t want spoilers this is your sign to stop reading,

Bank Alert

Directed by: Akay Ilozobhie
Produced by: Okey Bakassi and Wingonia Ikpi
Genre: Comedy
Released on: April 2024 (Prime Video)
Language: English


A former crypto manager, Sammy finds himself unemployed after exposing company fraud. Facing financial struggles, he inexplicably receives a massive sum of money in his bank account. The plot’s credibility falters as such a transfer should raise suspicions because the account was made active minutes before the transfer. Additionally, Sammy’s decision-making, like embarking on a solo rescue mission for his kidnapped daughter, lacks coherence.


The ensemble cast delivers average performances, with no standout moments. Casting choices like Tina Mba as Kate Henshaw’s mother feel mismatched. Okey Bakassi’s portrayal of Sammy brings some humour, while Kanayo’s Uche feels out of sync with the character. Uzor Arukwe’s Modestus falls into a familiar archetype, and Kate Henshaw’s Jade comes across as underwhelming. Bolanle Ninalowo‘s portrayal of Janta is weird and we don’t understand the thought process behind it.


At its core ‘Bank Alert’ is a story about familial bonds. We like the idea behind the story but it falls short due to its poorly planned narrative. Unrealistic plot elements, like the money transfer and questionable character decisions, highlight persistent issues within Nollywood storytelling.

Technical Aspects

The lack of proper subtitles on Prime Video continues to be a glaring issue. However, the film’s vibrant visuals help maintain engagement despite technical shortcomings.

Final Thoughts

‘Bank Alert’s’ attempt at humour often feels forced, with predictable comedic elements, like the Kanayo joke, failing to land effectively. We understand that the Janta character was supposed to be a comedic element and he was crucial to the story however it was off-putting and detracts from the overall viewing experience.


While it offers some entertainment value, the film’s evident flaws warrant a modest rating of 2 out of 5.

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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