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‘Water and Garri’: So Beautiful Yet So Dull

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water and garri

Water and Garri has been highly anticipated, especially with Tiwa Savage’s debut as a lead actress. Directed by Meji Alabi, who is making his first foray into filmmaking, this movie is now available for streaming on Prime Video. Let’s get into it.

Water and Garri

Directed by: Meji Alabi
Written by: Comfort Emmanuel,
Genre: Drama
Released on: May 10, 2024 (Prime Video)
Language: English, Yoruba


Water and Garri follows Aisha (Tiwa Savage), who reluctantly returns to her hometown a decade after her brother’s passing upon learning of her cousin’s demise. The premise tells us that the town has a gang issue but the credibility of this is only supported by the emphasis placed on this aspect by characters within the film.


There’s an indescribable quality about the acting that feels off, and it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact issue. It may be the dialogue delivery, but the acting falls flat overall. The lack of chemistry between Aisha and Kay (Andrew Bunting) further detracts from the overall performance. The characters also lacked originality in the fictional world of the film.


The film feels cluttered with numerous events, yet it lacks a coherent narrative direction. It’s unclear what story the filmmakers are trying to convey, with certain developments feeling disjointed and abrupt. Despite attempts to depict the town as plagued by gang activity, these efforts fall short, as random shots of men on bikes fail to substantiate the existence of a genuine gang issue.

Also, we do not understand why the lead character, Aisha remains in Eastside when it goes against her wants and needs. On the other hand, if she leaves Eastside, there is no story to tell. This clearly shows how empty the story of the film is.

Technical Aspects

The visual presentation of this movie is undeniably captivating, showcasing evident effort in its creation. The harmonious blend of colours and lighting contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere. The lighting might be one of the finest jobs we have seen in a Nollywood movie. However, despite the plot’s emphasis on escalated violence within the town, the visuals fail to align with this narrative. Instead, they evoke a sense of safety and comfort, contradicting the intended mood and themes of the story.

Final Thoughts

The casting choices for the younger versions of the characters felt mismatched. While the original music, as expected with Tiwa Savage, stood out as a highlight. However, it seemed as though they just thought of all the negative plot elements they could include and included them. Originally conceived as a short film, it might have fared better in a condensed format.

Additionally, the scene with Aisha’s grandmother mixing garri felt forced, as though they were only trying to incorporate the movie’s title. Moreover, the plot twist was foreseeable from a distance, diminishing its impact.


While we understand the filmmakers’ attempt to create ambiguity surrounding the location and culture depicted in the movie, there was a notable deficiency in execution. Honestly, presenting viewers with beautiful scenery and imagery might have been a more enjoyable experience than presenting a movie that fails to evoke emotions or establish a connection with the characters.

In this case, the visuals carried much of the burden, ultimately leading us to give Water and Garri a rating of 1.5 out of 5.

Rating: 1.5/5

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.
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