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Is Timini Egbuson the Ultimate Nollywood Golden Boy?

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It’s not just about boyish good looks; Timini acts excellently, but is Nollywood stifling his potential?

Timini has starred in many good films in Nollywood. In fact, one of the busiest actors in Nollywood is Timini Egbuson. 

Just last year, he acted in several Nollywood big-budget films like Big Love, A Tribe Called Judah, Honey Money, The Kujus Again, and many more. He is definitely in high demand in Nollywood, and he’s clearly talented.

The first time I saw Timini, it was in the 2015 movie Fifty, where he acted as the long-lost child of Dakore Egbuson (his real-life sister). Such a display of emotion was rare. After that movie, he appeared in several others, playing Mohammed in Skinny Girl in Transit and Tobi in MTV Shuga.

In 2019, he won the Future Awards for acting, and in 2020, he won the AMVCA for Elevator Baby, a movie about a rich young man stuck in an elevator with a pregnant woman.

Whenever Timini acts, we feel the depth of his emotions, and we can boldly declare that he’s a good actor capable of showing emotional range, but he has fallen into the trap of being typecast. It feels like he plays the same character in most of his roles: a rich young playboy who may seem mean but really has a good heart and comes to the realisation of his folly at the end of the movie.

Nollywood directors aren’t doing him any favours by making him play the same character over and over again. For example, can you imagine Timini playing Chiemieze Obi’s character in Breathe of Life? We know bills have to be paid, but maybe Timini himself should take the reins on his career and produce and star in a movie that shows he’s more than a lover boy or star in more independent movies that have deeper stories.

Timini is undoubtedly a delight to watch on screen, but enough of the shallow roles; go into the deep end and reach for the stars!

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