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‘The Kuju’s Again’: A Sequel We Never Saw Coming

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the kuju's again

The Kuju’s Again

Directed by: Biodun Stephen
Written by: Mannie Oiseomaye
Genre: Drama
Released on: November 27, 2023 (Cinemas)
Language: English

We’ll be honest, we never anticipated another installment in The Kuju’s saga. While the first film was enjoyable, it didn’t necessarily scream “sequel-worthy.” But alas, Nollywood loves its sequels, so here we are reviewing another Biodun Stephen film.


The Kuju clan convenes at a hotel resort to celebrate the traditional wedding of Mauyon (Kunle Remi) and Lily (Sophie Alakija). However, what begins as a joyous occasion quickly spirals into chaos when simmering tensions collide with unforeseen events, including the disappearance of both money and individuals.

The movie starts with the family celebrating Mauti (Femi Jacobs) and Pamela’s (Mimi Onalaja) daughter’s birthday and Mauyon announcing his engagement to Lily. Predictably, this announcement triggers arguments and eventually leads to a blow-up from Maupe (Ronke Odusanya), which, while unexpected, isn’t entirely surprising given the Kuju family’s penchant for drama. From there, Mauyon and Lily enlist the family’s help to plan their big day.


The approach of the actors in this sequel differs from the first movie. While there’s some improvement in acting and character interpretation, overall, there’s nothing remarkable about their performances. Don Jazzy’s debut in a feature film leaves much to be desired, with his performance feeling more like a portrayal of himself rather than a fully fleshed-out character.


While each character had their storyline, contributing to the overall narrative without overcrowding it, there remained room for improvement in terms of storytelling. The decision to introduce ambiguity in the gambling subplot and the missing money, which drove much of the conflict, felt lacking in clarity. By the time these elements were revealed, they failed to evoke the intended shock, rendering the ambiguity somewhat ineffective. Despite evident growth from the previous film, it was disappointing to see Timini Egbuson’s character, Maugbe, repeating the same mistakes. One would expect a bit more character development in this regard.

Technical Aspects

While the cinematography impresses with captivating visuals, the film suffers from poor lighting in some scenes, detracting from its overall impact. Furthermore, continuity issues, such as Lily’s flawless makeup immediately after a bath, appear out of place and undermine the realism of certain sequences. Additionally, occasional inconsistencies in the dialogue were observed, further detracting from the viewing experience.

Final Thoughts

Bisola Aiyeola’s depiction of Mausi consistently exudes anger without clear justification, leaving viewers puzzled. Similarly, Don Jazzy’s character’s sudden display of generosity towards the Kuju family, motivated by his interest in Mausi, feels contrived, especially considering his role in their financial troubles. While some jokes land effectively, others come off as forced, contributing to the film’s problem of excessive filler scenes that remain unresolved.


Ultimately, The Kuju’s Again offers little beyond generic sequel fare. While it’s marginally better than most sequels, it fails to deliver anything remarkable. If you need mindless entertainment, it’s worth a watch, but don’t expect anything groundbreaking. Currently streaming on Prime Video, this sequel earns a 2 out of 5.

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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