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‘Dead Serious’: It’s Not The Comedic Love Story You Expected

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“Dead Serious”

Directed by: Moses Inwang
Produced by: David Rukeme
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Released on: 14 February 2024 (Showmax)
Language: English

After catching up on Moses Inwang’s latest film, ‘Dead Serious’, now available on Showmax, we couldn’t resist sharing our take. Shall we?


What initially drew us to “Dead Serious” was the intriguing casting choice of Sharon Ooja and Emmanuel ‘Sabinus’ Ejekwu as love interests. Expecting a lighthearted romantic comedy, we were eager to see how their dynamic would unfold on screen. However, what we got was far from what we anticipated. The loss of a beloved character spiraled into a dark exploration of suicide, a theme that the movie handled with a disappointing lack of sensitivity.


Sharon Ooja’s portrayal of Amara in “Dead Serious” left us conflicted. While it was refreshing to see her in a different role, her chemistry with Emmanuel ‘Sabinus’ Ejekwu’s Johnny felt forced and unconvincing. This lack of authenticity detracted from our engagement with their characters, making it impossible to invest emotionally in their journey.

Deyemi Okanlawon’s performance as Deremi remains consistent with his previous roles, lacking depth and originality. In contrast, Nkem Owoh delivers a great performance as always but it didn’t add much to the film. Notably, popular online skit makers, Emmanuel ‘Sabinus’ Ejekwu (Johnny), Toyin ‘Tomama’ Albert (Vero), and Michael ‘Nasboi’ Bolaji (Pato), who played significant roles, avoid the trap of simply reprising their familiar online personas.


One aspect of the story that particularly troubled us was the handling of suicide. What began as a quirky exploration of love and loss took a dark turn, delving into themes of self-harm without the necessary sensitivity or nuance. The abrupt shift left us feeling unsettled and questioning the film’s intentions.

Technical Aspects

While ‘Dead Serious’ had moments of humour and drama, glaring technical shortcomings detracted from the overall viewing experience. One notable flaw was the portrayal of scenes where Johnny’s character attempted to end his life by jumping from bridges and buildings. Unfortunately, these sequences appeared amateurishly executed and blatantly fake, failing to suspend disbelief and pulling us out of the narrative. Additionally, the car crash scene lacked authenticity and failed to deliver the impact it intended, further diminishing the film’s credibility. Such lapses in visual realism undermined the film’s attempts to convey the gravity of its subject matter, contributing to our disappointment with its overall execution.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, ‘Dead Serious’ failed to live up to its potential, delivering a disjointed and unsatisfying viewing experience. The lack of chemistry between the lead characters, coupled with the mishandling of sensitive themes, left us feeling disappointed and disconnected from the story. While the comedic performances added some fun to the film, they were not enough to salvage its flaws. Ultimately, ‘Dead Serious’ missed the mark, leaving us questioning its direction and impact.


From its disjointed plot to its mishandling of sensitive themes, the film left us feeling underwhelmed and dissatisfied. While it had moments of humour and charm, they were overshadowed by its deeper flaws. Ultimately, we have to give this a 1 out of 5. If you have seen the film, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Rating: 1/5

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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