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‘A Father’s Love’: A Heartfelt Exploration of Paternity and Family Dynamics

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A father's Love

Natives Filmworks released two movies, ‘Kill Boro’ and ‘A Father’s Love’, on the same day on Prime Video. While ‘Kill Boro‘ garnered some buzz, ‘A Father’s Love‘ seemed to slip under the radar, with minimal promotion and no trailer. Intrigued, we decided to give it a watch and share our thoughts. Here’s what we think.

A Father’s Love

Directed by: Sebastian Ukwa
Written by: Sifa Asani Gowon
Genre: Drama
Released on: May 31, 2024 (Prime Video)
Language: English, Pidgin English and Hausa


Already overwhelmed with problems, David faces the daunting task of caring for three children, one of whom suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia, and the daily struggle to make ends meet. His challenges escalate when a baby is mysteriously abandoned in his taxi. The baby’s arrival in his taxi strains credibility—how could David not notice a passenger with a baby? Despite this, the plot device sets the stage for a compelling story.


Though not entirely new, the narrative in ‘A Father’s Love’ resonates deeply with the Nigerian experience. The abandonment of the baby in David’s taxi adds a fresh twist to the storyline. One of the standout moments is David’s visit to a radio station to share his plight, showcasing his desperation, hope for a solution, and the relatable thought process of an average person.

However, the plot’s convenience in leading David to the precise location for a DNA test felt too contrived. Despite these minor hitches, the story is well-constructed and thoughtfully planned, offering a refreshing departure from the usual Nollywood fare.


Some actors in Nollywood consistently deliver strong performances, and ‘A Father’s Love features a few of these reliable talents. David Jones David, in the role of David, brings depth and authenticity to his character, especially in scenes where he grapples with his mounting pressures. Yvonne Jegede, portraying Ladi, matches his intensity, particularly in their confrontational scenes.

Their chemistry and emotional exchanges add a significant layer of depth to the film. The child actors, Beloved Osagie and Darasimi Nadi, portraying Kauna and Tani, respectively, though not prominently featured, deliver standout performances in their heartfelt phone conversation scene with their dad. Additionally, comedian Funnybone’s portrayal of Panshak provides much-needed comic relief, balancing the film’s heavier moments with well-timed humour.

The Performance of the women claiming to be mothers in the third act is cringeworthy.

Technical Aspects

The film boasts several noteworthy technical elements. The scene where David checks his safe for any remaining money is compellingly captured, adding depth to his financial struggles. Additionally, the film’s look and colour, occasionally felt mismatched with the film’s tone.

While wide pan shots were utilized effectively to establish settings, their frequency seemed excessive at times, detracting from the overall visual narrative. However, the portrayal of David’s emotional turmoil following the revelation at the hospital was exceptionally poignant, showcasing the film’s ability to convey raw human emotion.

The film fails to deliver the timely heartfelt music that is needed to elevate emotional dramas.

Final Thoughts

Much like ‘Kill Boro’, a significant portion of ‘A Father’s Love’ is in pidgin, which adds an authentic touch to the dialogue and characters. The film’s unexpected revelation that David isn’t the biological father of any of the children is a shocking twist that ties in well with its title and overarching themes.

Paternity fraud is a prevalent issue in Nigeria, and the film’s exploration of this topic is both timely and relevant, prompting viewers to reflect on the societal implications of such issues.


At two hours, the film feels a bit stretched, with some scenes dragging on longer than necessary. A tighter edit could have enhanced the pacing and overall impact. Nonetheless, A Father’s Love is an enjoyable, feel-good movie that tackles important issues with sensitivity and depth.

The strong performances, particularly from David Jones David and Yvonne Jegede, elevate the film, making it a compelling watch. We’d rate it a 2.5 out of 5, applauding the cast and crew for delivering a heartfelt story that resonates with its audience.

Rating: 2.5/5

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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