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Uzor Arukwe To Lead Cast of “Alive Till Dawn”, A New Zombie Horror

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Uzor Arukwe is set to star in Alive Till Dawn, a zombie horror flick set in Abuja, currently in pre production. Alive Till Dawn is an indie production by the makers of the zombie-themed short film Road To Jabi.


In the chaos of a zombie virus outbreak, an unlikely alliance forms when civilians, police officers, and criminals find themselves trapped inside a besieged police station. As the night unfolds, they must navigate treacherous undead hordes, and escape the building to reach the means to a rumored haven or become the very monsters they’re fighting against.

Leo Obienyi is known for his work as executive producer and story writer of Road to Jabi, a short film that enjoyed a one-day limited cinema release in Lagos, Abuja, and Anambra in 2022, selling over 2000 tickets. 

Alive Till Dawn is currently in its pre-production phase. Other cast members are yet to be unveiled. We will keep you updated on it’s progress.

Alive Till Dawn

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