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‘The Two Aishas’: A Saga of Friendship and Forgiveness

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The Two Aishas

‘The Two Aishas’

Directed by: Shareefah Abiola-Andu
Written by: Biodun Stephen
Genre: Drama
Released on: March 1, 2024 (Prime Video)
Language: English and Hausa

‘The Two Aishas’ ventures into the turbulent waters of political intrigue and personal vendettas in Northern Nigeria, presenting a story of friendship, betrayal, and the quest for reconciliation against a backdrop of political rivalry. While the film aims to weave a complex narrative around these themes, it encounters significant setbacks that detract from its potential impact.


The plot revolves around Aisha Yusuf, who finds herself embroiled in a political and personal crisis following a bitter fallout with her best friend. A rift erupts when Aisha’s husband unexpectedly secures the gubernatorial ticket over her friend’s husband, catapulting the story into a narrative about repairing shattered bonds and navigating the treacherous terrain of political ambition.


Regrettably, the cast struggles to meet the anticipated mark, rendering a series of performances that lack the necessary vigour and depth. Despite the presence of notable talents such as Rahama Sadau and Maryam Booth, who take on the roles of Aisha Jibril and Aisha Yusuf respectively, alongside Paul Utomi and Akeem Ogara, the overall acting fails to resonate. Particularly, Shushu Abubakar’s portrayal of their friend Halima falls significantly short, failing to capture the essence and complexity expected of her character. This pervasive shortfall in dynamic performances detracts from the film’s ability to effectively convey its thematic intentions and fully engage its audience on the intended emotional journey.


‘The Two Aisha’s’ harbours a strong message, touching on themes of forgiveness, unity, and the destructive nature of the political rivalry. Yet, how the film presents its narrative and themes is flawed. The storyline suffers from predictability and lacklustre revelations, such as the anticlimactic disclosure of Aisha’s “fake fall” and the unconvincing manner in which Ibrahim’s innocence concerning the tax scandal is revealed. These elements contribute to a sense of dissatisfaction with the film’s attempt to surprise or engage the viewer meaningfully.

Final Thoughts

Despite its ambitions to offer a poignant look at the complexities of friendship and politics, ‘The Two Aishas’ struggles to deliver a compelling or polished cinematic experience. The film’s execution does not do justice to the potentially rich narrative it seeks to explore, resulting in a viewing experience that feels both underdeveloped and uninspired.


Given the shortcomings in acting, storytelling, and overall impact, ‘The Two Aishas’ earns 2 out of 5 stars. While the premise suggests a meaningful exploration of personal and political dynamics, the film fails to capitalize on its thematic potential, leaving much to be desired in both execution and resonance. The movie is available to stream on Prime Video.

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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