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“Silence”: Navigating the Shadows of Truth and Deception

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Directed by: Yemi Morafa
Written by: Anthony Joseph
Genre: Drama
Released on: 15th February, 2024 (Prime Video)
Language: English

Silence landed on our radar with its compelling cast and intriguing premise, necessitating a deep dive. The 2023 film, directed by Yemi Morafa and starring Ade Laoye, Tope Tedela, and Efa Iwara, premiered on Prime Video on February 15th. While it took us a moment to get around to it, we’re here now to dissect and discuss.


Silence unfurls the story of Dapo (played by Tope Tedela) and Teni (played by Ade Laoye), a couple whose surface-level bliss masks deeper secrets, and their friend Bode (played by Efa Iwara). The plot thickens with Dapo’s mysterious death following an accident, unveiling layers of hidden truths. The film teases us with glimpses into the couple’s life and their dynamics with Bode, setting a tone reminiscent of “To Freedom” but with its distinct narrative currents.


The trio of Efa Iwara, Tope Tedela, and Ade Laoye truly stepped up to the plate, with Laoye shining brilliantly as the antagonistic Teni. Stephanie ZIbili, in the role of Ibiye, and Chimamanda Unigwe, portraying Teni and Dapo’s daughter Fadeke, delivered performances that, while decent, didn’t quite leave a lasting impact.


While the plot mirrors elements of To Freedom, its intrigue lies not in the storyline’s novelty but in the journey to its climax. The narrative’s strength is in its varied perspectives, especially the contrasting recollections between Teni and Bode, offering a nuanced look into the characters’ dynamics. The film’s exploration of narrative reliability and memory bias adds layers to its storytelling.

Technical Aspects

The film’s cinematography effectively mirrors its thematic essence, although it wasn’t without flaws. Notably, there were moments where the sound editing faltered, detracting from the overall experience with sync issues and audio repeats in certain scenes.

Final Thoughts

Silence is the kind of film that engages its audience, prompting us to piece together the puzzle as the story unfolds. Although Teni’s reveal as the abuser didn’t come as a shock, given the narrative’s direction, the portrayal of her abusive behaviour as a consequence of her upbringing underpins problematic stereotypes about gender and violence.


Silence offers a compelling look at complex societal themes, making for an engaging watch. However, viewers sensitive to its darker themes might approach it with caution. Have you watched it? We’re eager to hear your views.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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