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8 Reasons Why “Finding Messiah” Teaser is Impressive

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The teaser for Oscar Heman-Ackah’s Finding Messiah dropped a few days ago and it got everyone talking. The “unprecedented 5-minute-long” teaser was able to present how massive the film is, detailing the characters, the production design, costumes, music, location, and many more.

While the general public is in complete awe of its beauty and music, critics like myself marveled at the audacity of this first-time director. It’s safe to say that Nollywood has finally kicked off in 2024.

Ghanaian-Nigerian music executive and creative entrepreneur, Oscar Heman-Ackah, makes his feature film directorial debut with this political music drama.

From what we have gathered, Finding Messiah revolves around the fictional nation of Zambay, an ancient civilization with its language and sensibilities fighting oppression.

The film features veteran acts like Pete EdochieNgozi EzeonuTaiwo Ajayi-Lycett, Alex Usifo, and Ejike Asiegbu. Ther film also stars veteran Nigerian galala singer, Daddy Showkey, Kelechi Udegbe, Sunshine RosmanBucci Franklin and Uzi Kwednu.

Here are 8 reasons why we think Finding Messiah would be a blockbuster:


A lot of effort was put into the costume design of the film, the costumes seen in the teaser are as unique as the story and its characters.


From Bucci Franklin and Kelechi Udegbe to veteran acts like Pete EdochieNgozi EzeonuTaiwo Ajayi-Lycett, the film is well-stacked in the talent department.


The locations shown in the teaser are breathtaking, The entire world of the film looks well-planned and well-sought out. The locations also complement the costume and production design of the film, giving a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing look.

Production quality 

Based on the teaser, the overall production quality of the film is well-praised due to its cinematic look and feel.

Music and sound

Finding Messiah boasts of beautiful music and sound. Perhaps, this is the stand-out feature of the teaser. Fans are already asking for the songs in the film to be posted on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms..


The Genre and idea for the film is somewhat novel. In an Industry that thrives on comedy, romance, and more recently crime drama, a political musical is quite ambitious.


Even though not much has been said about the story, its themes of oppression and freedom fighting resonate amongst the fans of the film.

The language

According to Kemi Adetiba, the language of the film is called Ngazala was created by the writer-director and it contains over 4,000 words. For a Nollywood film, this is also novel and highly Impressive.

Oscar Heman-Ackah can be assured that we are well teased and that Finding Messiah is well anticipated. Till then, “na inside fire dem put us”!

If you are yet to see the teaser. It’s right here!

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