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See The 3 Women Crushing the Nollywood Box Office

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Have you noticed how many top-grossing Nigerian movies are directed by Women? It’s like they’re the secret sauce to movie magic!

Think about it: directors are the orchestra conductors of a film, making sure everything runs smoothly and sounds amazing. It’s a huge job, but these Nigerian queens are effortless directors.

Forget the days when women were just supposed to stay home. The times have changed, and these women are proving they can dominate the box office! Here’s a look at some of the top female directors and their record-breaking movies:

Kemi Adetiba

Remember “The Wedding Party 1”? That HILARIOUS movie that held the top spot for ages? Kemi directed that masterpiece! She started in the music video world, directing for stars like Tiwa Savage, before taking over Nollywood. Kemi’s “The Wedding Party 1” was the highest-grossing Nigerian movie of all time for a long time before Funke Akindele dethroned her. It raked in an outstanding ₦452,288,605.

Funke Akindele

You probably already know her from her iconic role as “Jenifa.” But Funke’s not just funny – she’s a box office boss. Her movies “A Tribe Called Judah,” “Battle on Buka Street,” and “Omo Ghetto: The Saga” are the top 3 highest-grossing Nigerian films EVER. She knows the Nigerian audience like nobody’s business, and her films prove it with their killer stories, marketing, and timing. Funke’s the FIRST person (male or female) to hit the ₦1 billion mark at the box office – talk about a GAME CHANGER!

Toyin Abraham

Toyin’s been killing it as both an actress and a director. Her latest film, “Malaika,” is her biggest hit yet, raking in over ₦302 million and landing at Number 9 on the all-time highest-grossing Nigerian film list.

Nigerian women are taking over Nollywood, and it’s AMAZING to see! They’re proving there’s a HUGE space for female directors to thrive, and they’re doing even better than many other countries. We can’t wait for more incredible movies from these powerhouses!

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