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“Iwájú”: A Vibrant Journey Through A Lagos of Tomorrow

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Directed by: Ziki Nelson
Written by: Halima Hudson, Fikayo Adeola
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Adventure
Released on: 28th February, 2024 (Disney+)
Language: English

The much-anticipated collaboration between Walt Disney Animation Studios and Kugali, “Iwájú,” has made its debut, and we’re here to share our thoughts on this groundbreaking series.


The plot revolves around Tola, a privileged young girl, and Kole, a genius in technology from a contrasting socio-economic background. Their journey through a technologically advanced Lagos unveils a series of secrets and dangers, threading a story that’s as much about friendship as it is about societal divides.


The series is brought to life by an impressive roster of talent, including Dayo Okeniyi (Tunde), Ireti Doyle (Mrs Usman), Weruche Opia (Otin), Bisola Aiyeola (Happiness), Shaffy Bello (Madame), Kehinde Bankole (Mama Kole) and Femi Branch (Bode). The voice acting is notable for its subtlety; big names do not overshadow the narrative but enhance it, allowing the animation to shine. Simisola Gbadamosi, as Tola, and Siji Soetan, as Kole, deliver performances that are both authentic and engaging, capturing the essence of their characters with every line.


What we particularly admired was the story’s rootedness in a futuristic Lagos that didn’t stray too far from reality. Initially, the inclusion of everyday Lagos challenges—traffic, hawkers, and power outages—in a futuristic setting seemed jarring. Yet, this decision ultimately grounded the narrative, making it relatable to its Nigerian audience. The divide between the island and the mainland serves as a critical plot element, and while it isn’t something we think should be promoted it’s not far-fetched.

Technical Aspects

The animation stands out for its vibrant use of colour and meticulous attention to detail, capturing the spirit of Lagos in a way that’s both imaginative and true to life. The characters look orignal, and the overall quality of the animation is also impressive as expected from a “Disney” production.

Final Thoughts

“Iwájú” offers a delightful viewing experience, presenting a story with universal appeal in a unique setting. While it may not leave a lasting impact, its charm and lightheartedness make it a worthy watch.


“Iwájú” is straightforward in its storytelling, avoiding unnecessary complexity in favour of a clear, impactful narrative. It’s a significant step forward for representation in animation, and we’re excited to see what future collaborations will bring.

Rating: 3.5/5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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